She is totally and completely…

Loved by God!

November 1st is All Saints day, a Holy day of obligation at my church. All SaintsDay, also called All Hallows’ Day, Hallowmas, or Feast of All Saints, in the Christian church, a day commemorating all the saints of the church, both known and unknown, celebrated on November 1 in the Western churches and on the first Sunday after Pentecost in the Eastern churches.

I am always grateful to be able to attend Mass and Holy days of obligation alike. As I walked in for All Saints day, I genuflected and sat down. Not paying much attention to anyone sitting around me because Mass was starting, I wanted to be concentrating and focused on the word.

Out of the blue, I heard this sweet little laugh a pew away. I looked into the direction and saw this beautiful black baby girl. I would guess she was 5 months old, cute little Afro with a bright red headband with a bow, a chambray ruffled shirt and grey leggings. Omygosh, she is glowing, she is adorable and she is loved.

I started to then focus and see her parents and 3 siblings all vying to hold her, even I wanted to hold her. It was clearly her sisters turn to hold her, she started to feed her with a bottle. And her older brother was keeping close watch over the feeding and a younger brother watching as well. All the while Mom and Dad lovingly looked at each other.

This beautiful black baby girl was clearly adopted by this family. And clearly God was all over this, it was beautiful to watch and experience. I started to cry with tears of joy to watch the abundance of Gods love right here in front of me at church. I wish I could have talked to them to let them know how wonderful it is to watch Gods love in action.

It hurts me when people claim they shouldn’t go to church or they don’t want to go to church. God wants us to go to church for this very reason, so we can see or feel something we didn’t expect to experience. I am open to God, I want what he wants for me every day.

As Mass came to a close, the little baby looked at me and we started to play peek-a-boo, she waved to me and she said, “Hi!” I was beaming for that little baby because you could see God, feel the Holy Spirit and experience Jesus all at once.

Please reconsider finding a church based on the teachings of the bible. We are all broken people trying to make sense of this broken world. However, with God we are saved and we can expect the promises He has made in the bible. I have experienced them, I know you will too.

Peace be with you.


Two years ago today I…

Witnessed and intervened on a beating against a woman by a thug, November 2, 2015 in College Park, Maryland.

I remember it like it was today still fresh in my mind. I was at work in my office on the phone. Several of my co-workers were looking out the window, then all of sudden one of them came in and said something bad is happening out in the parking lot. I instantly got off the phone and proceeded outside.

Have you ever seen an elbow cock back and fourth in a blow to a body part or face of a woman? Have you seen an arm of a man swing up to the face of woman, like an uppercut? Or have you seen a man not care that a stranger is pulling him off a woman while beating her?

On the scene you had your videographer, your silent and in shock bystander and everyone else just walking by. I was told that 5-7 men walked by without stopping to help her. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I approached the situation calmly, I reached into the car to speak and get the thug off the woman. He got in a few more punches before getting out of her car. The thug was huffing and puffing, wearing a wife beater(you can’t make this stuff up) he tried to convince me that what he was doing was okay, she deserved it. I am positive some video game, rap song or rap video gave him permission to do this, or perhaps a family member or friend.

After my brief discussion with him, the thug ran off.  I instantly went over to the female. Her face, her eyes and body all badly bruised and bleeding. I ran into my job to get her ice and towels to start the healing, the physical healing. We needed a private place to go, we agreed to meet inside the public bathroom at Potbelly’s. I ran back with ice and towels and realized she just saw herself for the first time bruised and battered.

I started to cry because she didn’t want to wait around for the police. A man has destroyed this woman’s face, spirit and ability to think straight. I started to reason with her to no avail. I told her that I loved her, but more importantly that God loved her too. I prayed over her and went back to work. Then I watched her get back into her car and drive away, confirming she wasn’t waiting for the police.

Do I know what happened before the beating began, no. However, I know it’s wrong to beat up a woman. I also prayed for the thug, hurt people hurt people. And truth be told God loves us all, even in our most deepest darkest moments He loves us.

I wonder from time to time what ever happened to her, I pray she is doing great things. I also hope the thug is no longer a thug and changed his ways. As a reminder to you, always be the shelter in someones life, you might be the only one who comes to their rescue.

May God have mercy on our souls.

Our society doesn’t understand…

The true meaning of Love.

I enjoy talking to people especially about cultivating healthy relationships with themselves and others. And more often than not, people don’t understand the true meaning of love. Webster’s Dictionary defines love 6 ways.

1. a quality or feeling of strong or constant affection for and dedication to another

2. a:  attraction based on sexual desire, the strong affection and tenderness felt by lovers

2. b:  a beloved person

3. a:  warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion

3. b: the object of attachment or devotion

4. a score of zero in tennis

Webster’s Dictionary is wrong, completely and totally wrong. Unfortunately there is no mention of God, He is the very meaning of Love. He himself created the definition and Webster doesn’t even mention Him once!? Now you can see why I made my claim about society not knowing the true meaning of love. And to be clear some truly know the true meaning of Love but those are in the minority.

John affirms that “God is love” ( 1 John 4:8 ). God does not merely love; He is love. Everything that God does flows from His love.

When we take our attention off of the definition of man’s version of Love and set our sights on God. We can truly love, love each other the way God has instructed us to love. When we truly love like God, we follow the commandments. We don’t lead others to sin, do harm or do things that will enable someone to ruin their lives. Love is wanting the absolute best for someone else.

Love is hard, we can be so selfish. Sometimes we need to be in total control of things, so much so we lose sight on the important things. We need to focus on things that are holy, right and just. Love can be scary, fear makes us do things that are not proper. Never love out of fear, that is not real or good. True love is when you can be at peace with your relationship with God.

The entertainment industry has done an amazing job of hurting us with lies. If I believed that all of us went to a movie, listened to a song or watched a television show and left the experience at the door-fantastic. However, that is not the case at all. How do I know? Life is imitating art day in and day out because of what we see, what we watch and what we listen to. Be wise and careful what you fill your mind with, even more important be diligent about what your children are watching and listening to as well.

Love is God, He wants the absolute best for us. God should be the over arching pinnacle of love in your life.He also gives us free will which enables us to show Him how much we love Him back. There is not ONE person on this earth that I want to see harmed, hurt or suffer, not one. It’s not our job as humans to hurt each other, our job is to love. Satan relishes in the hurts of everyone, how sick and sad. And what is even more sick, we give Satan permission. Make today the day you start to understand and read about God’s love, then start to live in it.

Thanks be to God’s love



Dear You…

I am so sorry that you were hurt at the hands or verbal abuse of someone you love, trusted, tricked by and care about. I am so sorry that they hurt you because they are hurting. I am so sorry that instead of asking for help they decided to hurt you. I am so sorry that instead of being a good human being they decided to be mean, unkind and deplorable. You didn’t deserve it, it’s not your fault and you must get the help you need.


I know this might be hard for you but please forgive them. Please show them the grace and mercy they need. Forgiving the abuser blesses you. I know that might be confusing but it’s true. Healing begins, health beginning to be restored over time. Holding on to the darkness of the abuse doesn’t allow God’s love or light in. And that doesn’t help you at all. For anyone that has been involved, witness or been the receiver of Domestic abuse, physical or verbal…I am so sorry. You didn’t deserve it, it was never your fault.

And if you were the parent, friend, family member or neighbor that witnessed the abuse and didn’t get help or stop the abuse, you are an Accomplice and you need help too. I don’t think there is anything worse than watching someone you love stand by and let the abuse take place.

I believe if enough of us care about helping those who have been hurt, things will change for the better. Instead it looks as though we continue to protect people that don’t deserve protection but deserve to be confronted. The first step in recovery is acknowledging the problem, the offense and the pain the abuser inflicted. Then true healing and restoration can begin.

As National Domestic Violence Month comes to an end tonight, unfortunately the truth is the abuse will continue unless we take a personal stand. See it, report it. Hear it, report it. Told it, report, it.

Remember if we keep sweeping these people and their offenses under the proverbial rug, no one heals…NO ONE!!!

Praying for Peace!

Wow, she said I reminded her…

Of the new Wonder Woman.

A friend recently saw the movie Wonder Woman and remarked that I remind her of the character. I had not seen the movie, but I was flattered. I mean, as a little girl I watched Wonder Woman before or after my brother watched The Bionic Man. I adored Wonder Woman, she was so AMAZING!

After I came down from floating off of the very kind compliment, I asked “Renee”, “What about the movie made you think of me?” Renee instantly responded that after the movie begun the story line of Wonder Woman became very obvious. “Wonder Woman has values that she lives by and believes in,” “Renee” explained, just like you.” “Kristina ever since I met you you want to help as many people as you can.” If and when you see the movie, you will see that Wonder Woman wants to help people, just like you.” “She also is tall, brunette and likes to work out and eat healthy, just like you.” “Renee” and I both laughed and I thanked her for the compliment.

The next weekend I went to see the movie, it was great. I enjoyed the story line, “Renee” was correct, Wonder Woman does want to help everyone. And I pray that everyone took that away from the movie as well. Wonder Woman didn’t give in or give up, she persevered. God calls us to help the least of these as much as we can. It’s why we all should wake up in the morning. It should be our driving force to make this world today, a better place.

Our influence on the people who we directly affect every day is important. We create a ripple effect on the way we raise our children, the way they go out into the world to do good or bad, help or hurt and/or build or condemn. The good news is, it’s never too late to change their world for the better. Make Godly goals with your family, friends and neighbors, and watch all the positive things unfold.

Peace be with you!

Are you the storm or the…

Shelter in your friends and family lives?

I recently got to experience a situation of a friend who was going through a bad time. I was able to give her good healthy advice, it felt great. She seemed to take it all in, brushed off the tears and thanked me for taking the time to speak with her. Then the worse thing happened, an unhealthy friend of her’s started to stir the pot and made the situation worse. I would call that person a “Storm”.

Lots of us have these types of negative people in our lives, I call these people “Storms.” They love to make things worse, often the misery loves company type of people. We can ignore this person all together and keep them at an arms length distance. Or we can confront them about their negative thoughts, actions and bad advice and hope they get the picture.

How do you spot a “Storm”:

  1. They love to gossip
  2. They love to be negative, glass half empty, dark side, miserable, usually unhealthy and unhappy
  3. Only listens, responds with bad, unhealthy advice vs. Helps you with good, healthy advice
  4. They hate it when you are happy
  5. Does not have your best interest at heart

How do you spot a “Shelter”:

  1. They love you
  2. They love to offer help, glass half full, solution oriented, honest, usually healthy and happy
  3. Helps you vs. just listening
  4. They love your success and desires the best for you
  5. Has the best interest at heart for you and your well-being

See, it can be simple if you pay attention or extremely difficult if you ignore the details. I pray my list helps you realize the difference. We were all born out of pure love from God, He wants the absolute best for our lives. God doesn’t want us to lead each other into temptation or sin. Instead He would rather watch us love and help each other daily.

My Mother told me that she would like me to find a great man that would be my shelter, my safe place to land after a hard day. How beautiful of a goal for me to find in a man. She said that the world can be a hard difficult place to be but the people around us should not.

Today I ask you to be the shelter for everyone around you. And if you identify with a storm, make a change today to be different, be more positive and healthy. It’s ok that today is the day you realize you don’t want to be a storm anymore. God loves us on this journey, some will get there sooner than others.

Praise to you Lord, Jesus Christ!

My favorite type of High…

will always be Jesus!

I am often asked how I stay so positive and happy. It happens almost daily and my response will and always be Jesus. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! In fact, some of my new friends in Texas call out Jesus as soon as they see my face. I love it, I love that they name Him out loud.

Now for the bad unfortunate, heart-breaking news. We have an alarming amount of people getting high daily off of things that are dangerous. So dangerous that they are ruining families, disrupting classrooms and reeking havoc on all of our lives in one form or another. One joint, one peek, one line, one pill, one drink, one deal at a time for a senseless high.

I wish I could take away the urge for so many to want that unnecessary need to disappear from the reality of their mental or physical pain. I would love nothing more than to be able to give people the tools to deal with their pain sober and not under the influence.

We live in a highly distracted world that doesn’t allow us to stand still. However, I make time every day for God because He makes time for me. It’s the least I can do for He does so much for me. I didn’t deserve to wake up this morning to write this blog but God deemed it so. I want to honor Him and help other’s too.

My Mother and Father are great people for different reasons. They are not perfect, neither are you. And if you watch your surroundings carefully, you will see the other Mother and Father figures God brought into your life, just at the right time. We should want to reach out and take care of each other daily.

Satan is and will always be the soft whisper of hatred, self doubt and ugliness. Evil convinces you that being good is bad and being bad is good. Dark forces will encourage you to hold grudges and to not forgive the unforgivable. And you should know we are ALL the unforgivable, all of us. No one person gets more of a “pass” than the other, none of us are worthy. Here is the good news, by the grace of God, we are forgiven by Him through Jesus. Why is it so hard to forgive your Brother or Sister?

Are you trapped by Satan or redeemed by God?

Peace be with you!

Did you know that it takes…

The same amount of effort to be fat/unhealthy as it does to be fit/healthy?

I know, amazing right!? How did I come to this conclusion? What in the heck am I talking about? How dare I compare the two? You have no idea what you are talking about? Are you kidding me? Huh, what, really?!  Yes, really!

The minute you wake up you makes choices all day long. When you go to the grocery store you make choices that affect you and your family eating habits. Which absolutely 100% positively or negatively affect your overall health. Wow, have you ever thought about it in those terms? I have, every time and that is why I live the way I do.

Over the summer, Griffin requested a care package with some food items I wasn’t too happy about. I went to the store and begrudgingly bought the items from his text message. I can honestly report, I was embarrassed waiting in line waiting to buy this junk. I didn’t even want to go down the isle in which these items lived. They had the entire isle dedicated to this type of junk. Our produce isles are not even this big, how sad.

Let’s be honest, Griffin is one of the most healthiest 20 year olds that I know. He has his weak moments, just like I do but they don’t rule our lives or my shopping lists. Letting yourself indulge once or twice a month is fine. However, if the reverse for you is true, more unhealthy vs. healthy items in your kitchen, that is not good. And that my friend is why it takes the same amount of effort to be healthy than it does to be unhealthy.

If you boil down the truth, it’s really all about choice. Who do you choose to be? Your best, healthy, happy, full of energy and restful version of yourself? Or do you chose to be your worst, unhealthy, unhappy, tired and sleepless nights version of yourself? I think you know which version I chose, and the good news is, so can you.

God created the human body to be cared for, He wants us to fill our mind, body and soul with things that are holy, healthy, good and right. Today clean out your entire kitchen and remove the junk. Day by day, your life and your family’s life will change for the better, I promise.

Peace be with you!




The one that got away…

Thanks be to God!

I know society talks about this person in television shows, movies and talk shows. The infamous “person that got away”, I am here to explain to you why this person doesn’t truly exist. We can waste a lot of time pining away for this person with questions or statements. Why didn’t I do better? Where did I go wrong? Why couldn’t they change? What if I said this? Waste. Of. Time.

I read the bible for thousands of reason, this would be one of them.  We live in a world that requires us to believe in man more often than we should believe in God. Healthy and well meaning relationships are important and necessary to strive in this world, we need them. The most important relationship we create is the one we establish with God.

After we develop our relationship with God, the next relationship we create is the love for ourselves. I see so much self hate, it’s terrible. People would rather ruin their lives with medication, drugs, fantasy, alcohol and jealousy. Instead of loving themselves, accepting themselves as God created them.

When we are in right relationship with God and ourselves we tend to attract the good people of our lives. And even if we don’t, a few bad seeds might slip in from time to time. Just know in your heart that God gave you an internal hard drive that allows you to know the difference. It’s up to you to listen or ignore the truth.

So let go and let God be the ruler of your life. Let go of ” the person who got away” and don’t look back at the “what if’s” of life. Just realize at this very moment you have the opportunity to change everything that is wrong about your life, especially the relationships. Learn from these past relationships, learn what you loved and what you hated. Don’t look back, its just a waste of time…

God bless “the one who got away”!


The silly and unnecessary…

Games we play.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could be real and honest with our thoughts and feelings? I feel like people would rather play games than be honest. And if you don’t know already, playing games is a form of deception. Deception is lying and lying is wrong.

How did emotional game playing become so popular? Why don’t we call out the other person for playing games? And why do we settle for mediocre relationships with people who want to play games? It’s because on some level we are too tired to care or we have let it become normal to be treated this way. Or worse, maybe you don’t even know you are being played.

My parents, mostly my Dad and my Step Father Robert, taught me to be clear, direct and honest. If you’ve ever met either one of them or both you would see two completely different men but both were in the Military. You can’t be playing games or be vague in the military. However, lots of people are playing games in every day life and it doesn’t create safe or healthy relationships.

Let me tell you what is the worse kind of game playing, when it’s a family member. Family takes on a different definition for everyone. I would hope that your family is a safe, loving, respectful and caring group of people. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone but it’s a start. If you have a poor relationship with your family/loved ones, it’s time to make an effort to fix it and mend the brokenness. When family members play games with other family members there is an area of hurt, pain or dysfunction present. It’s so important to break down the barriers, be forgiving and mend the hurt.

The Five signs you are being played:

  1. Unclear conversations that are meaningless in order to avoid a real conversation
  2. Questions that are not answered with a direct answer
  3. Vague responses
  4. No meaningful connections, keeping relationship at a distance
  5. Deception, deceit and lying.

God never wired us to hurt each other, He commanded us to love and help each other. It’s  important that you change your life today, no more games that people play. In fact, contact each and every person in your life that play games, tell them that you are on to them and it’s…

Game OVER!!!!