I made a man…

Cry today.

I met a man and his father today. They started to talk to me because they enjoyed my “happy” disposition and wanted to know why I was so happy. I quickly responded because Jesus loves me, more than anyone in this whole world. And they started to smile, and said. “We thought so.”

Wouldn’t it be great if it was so obvious to you and me, who loved Jesus? And it was because you could see the light of Jesus beam out from their love for one another. Or because it was the help we offered to someone who truly needed it, the least of these. Perhaps because our words were kind, loving and caring, which in turn uplifted the spirits and well beings of others.

I think we are starving as a society to connect positively with each other. We are in such a rush to get were we need to go, we really don’t take time to talk to each other, not like we use too; anyway. We seem to care less, not more about people. I have been surrounded by people who love to give and help others but that is clearly the minority.

I ask you to make an effort every day to connect with someone you would never think to strike up a positive conversation with. The more you think you have nothing in common with someone God reminds you, you are so wrong. And do you know how fun it is to shock people with your cheery self and make their day better? Mind blowing, it is one of the best feelings I have ever felt.

As the gentleman and father ended our nice, long conversation about Jesus and life. The gentleman started to tear up, he told me how it was so refreshing to hear the freedom in my voice to speak about Jesus and His blessings over your life. We must share our testimony freely with each other, so we can help each other.

Thanks be to God!


Somethings are easy…

And somethings are hard for people.

Take fashion, I was given the gift to help others find their special wardrobes for their life. A life they love and enjoy but have no idea how to dress for it. I am confident and honest with people which enables them to feel safe and look amazing.

People need help from time to time in their fashion lane. Sometimes it means a subtle update or a closet clean out. Or it could be a full blown over haul because of a job change, a move to a new climate or region or maybe a new marital status.

No matter the fashion need, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help. My favorite part with helping people is their sense of relief from looking into the mirror and happy with themselves. And giving people the tools they need when they don’t need me anymore.

Fashion should and always be fun. Even when you need to be professional and conservative. What do I mean by that? Great question, for women they get to play around with their jewelry, accessories and shoes. So for women, I suggest women be a bit daring and fun. I suggest you pick one statement piece, daring shoes, a bold necklace or a daring bracelet or ring but not all four.

So for men, I suggest a cool belt, great socks, bold shoes, a unique tie or bow-tie with a conflicting pocket square, a daring watch or ring. Remember don’t go overboard, keep it simple and clean. Unless you have hard rooted issue with being fun and creative with your clothing, have a good time creating your fashion sense with someone like me that can help you do it the right way.

Let’s think about all the positive first impressions we get to make and not so positive impressions we get to make. With everything, there is a healthy balance between being obsessed with looking good and not caring at all about your appearance. Clothes don’t have to be expensive, uncomfortable and intimidating. And the climate of clothing in the workplace changes from year to year. Remember help is available, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Peace be with you!

The budget that…

Saved my life from more debt.

Raise your hand if you are in bad debt? Wow, look at all those hands! Ok, ok put them back down. Now raise your hand if you want to learn how to spend and save your money differently. Awesome, start today and contact me after reading this blog.

I started to “truly” immerse myself in the bible over a decade ago. And I noticed something immediately. The closer I got to God, the less money I wanted to waste. The deeper I got into reading the bible, the less money I wanted to spend on things. I learned to differentiate what I merely wanted vs. the things I truly needed.

I know what separates us spiritually is how we define prosperity and God’s blessings over our life. We think and believe the very word blessing means, lavish, expensive, dripping in diamonds, closets filled to the ceiling, gold encrusted jewelry, luxurious items. All of it and more.

I don’t want you to keep holding on to the frivolous things of the world instead of being grateful for the blessings right in front of your face. I don’t want you to pine away for unrealistic expectations of your own selfish wants. Do you see that you don’t see the pure blessings right in front of your face?

The roof over your head, or are you wanting a bigger roof? The clothes on your back, or are you wanting a shopping spree for clothes you don’t need? The car that gets your family every where, or are you wanting a more expensive car? The food on your table, or are you wanting to eat out more than eat in?

I recently had a great conversation with a person I have been mentoring with their image and spending. They were so proud that we made a fashion budget, stuck with it and was elated with the outcome. Do you want to know why? The guilt of overspending takes a toll on you, your finances and ultimately your relationship with God our Father.

I know the difference between the God who loves me and people who love me. And neither one has to do with things. You should also know that I am not perfect, no one person is. I make an effort every day to be better, we all should.

Peace be with you!

Exercise can change…

Your mind.

Yes, it can, I promise. Have you ever wondered what the big deal was about when you heard people talk about a “runner’s high”? I didn’t because I played sports at a very young age, so I understood immediately.

Running period is amazing for your mood and your body. The wind across your face, in your hair and the blood pumping through your veins, so awesome. And if you don’t want to run, I get it, walk briskly and keep that heart rate up.

Now, I have some great advice for all of you who might develop joint pain after years of exercise. If you are just starting out, heed my warning: preventative, preventative, preventative. Maintaining your body like your car is imperative to living your best healthy life.

I run my body like a well oiled machine with vitamins and supplements. When I first experienced knee pain, I didn’t take a pain reliever. I instantly researched a holistic remedy to deal with the pain. My solution? Glucosamine HCI 1500mg with MSM 1500mg. And I am here to report that my joint pain slowly disappeared and I have no joint pain to speak of. I live on the 4th floor of my apartment, I take the stairs for free exercise-every day.

I always recommend talking directly with your Dr. about starting any new vitamins or supplements and exercise program. Make an effort to have an honest relationship with your primary Dr. who cares about your well being. My last Dr., Dr. April heard me, listened to me and respected my healthy life-style.

So here are a few quick reminders about exercise.  Start as little as walking 20 minutes in the morning and early evening. Realize that you might experience pain because you are moving different muscles and ligaments. Be proactive and preventative when it comes to your body, it’s important. And always consult a Dr. you respect and trust when starting a new work-out plan.

New healthy thoughts will occupy your mind as soon as the endorphins kick in. The more you take time for your mind, body and soul you will ultimately feel better, then look better. God gave us one body to love, to care for and to respect. When you take the time to care for your body properly you will be abundantly blessed by God the Father.

Peace be with you!


Happy New…

Fitness and nutrition routine for you!

Fitness and nutrition has been a daily occurrence for me. I make several decisions a day that keep me focused to staying healthy and fit. I want that for you, your family and friends.

I know now, more than ever before, I have complete and total faith in God. God keeps me focused on the right things I choose to do with my body. How is this possible, you ask? God created me, head to toe. I now know the aches and pains are a direct result of how I treat my body. I also know that when I have positive results from my Doctor visits, my sleep schedule and my food and fitness choices, God is blessing me. I know because I feel amazing.

I love my birthdays and getting older. However, in this society getting older is a curse for many. I am here to tell you that being negative about getting older, only makes you look and feel older. Change your bad/negative attitude and perspective on life in general. You will enjoy and reap the benefits of a positive outlook. Healthy mental health keeps you at peace. Raise your hand if you want peace or more peace in your life?

Food is 80% of what you feel, how you look and how much energy you have. I am here to help you change all of that for the better. Some of you are shaking your head, trust me, it’s not too late. I will blog each week about awesome fitness and nutrition examples for you to try at home. If I can do it, so can you.

And never hesitate to contact me, I am here to help you. God has the ability to bless your life far beyond and better than the dreams you have for yourself. Be open to receiving His love and guidance every day.

New YEAR, even better new YOU!!!

Hurt people Hurt…

You, me, others, him, her, animals and themselves.

If you take note of the people in your life, you might notice the healthy people vs. the unhealthy people. Revenge, hurt and pain will be on the mind of your unhealthy friends and loved ones. Unhealthy people tend to have a constant dialogue of negative speaking, gossiping and inappropriate speech. While healthy people are into problem solving, giving loving advice and care for friends and loved ones. Healthy people tend to be positive, happier and more open to life, help lead others to success and care about other people’s feelings.

You will almost never find a happy, normal healthy person commit a crime, murder, spew deliberate words of condemnation, hate or inflict pain. When you dig deeper in a persons life, life-style and past history you’ll definitely find the root cause of their behavior.

It is extremely important that you learn and teach the difference to yourself, friends and family. Unhealthy living leads to an unhealthy life-style as well. The pain lives on in the inside as well as outside. With the unfortunate verbal abuse and actions of the unhealthy person. Your body suffers from the pain along with the people around you that have to listen to your verbal abuse or witness your terrible actions.

The same is true for healthy people, your body and the people around you benefit from your healthiness. Your body is more at peace and your loving kindness also helps the hearts of others. When you give yourself to others as a positive loving gift you spread love.

God knows exactly what is going on in your life right now and from the beginning. He knows what you have endured, the pain, the abuse, the terrible incidents, all of it. And He has a plan for our lives far bigger and better than our broken past. God still continues to love us more than we could possibly imagine. So please know, make peace with your past. Get off of the UNHEALTHY train going nowhere of your present, don’t let your past define you and look to God today. He loved you enough to open your eyes to see another day.

Peace be with you.

A late lunch with…

Complete and total strangers.

My boyfriend and I were sitting in a lobby of a restaurant while waiting for a table. Another couple was waiting as well, I struck up a conversation with them. I felt like we had known them forever. When the hostess called their name, we were disappointed that the conversation had to come to an end.

However, something so special happened. “Carl” came back to us and invited us to sit with him and his wife for lunch. I have lived a long amazing life and yet to have this happen until now. We accepted and our conversation started where we left off in the lobby.

We were laughing with “Carl” and “Betty” and some serious, tearful moments about life. It was so fun to sit down with two total strangers and get along so well with them. It reminded me of Joseph and his brothers. Joseph’s bothers never spoke a kind word to him, hated him so much that they sold him. God had different plans for Joseph, thankfully that not even Joseph’s brothers could change.

I know families that struggle with getting along and loving on each other. The grudges are so strong and powerful that they ignore forgiveness. Evil forces would love nothing more to keep families broken and unhappy. Not God, He is the opposite of everything dark, mean, evil or hate-filled.

Yes, it’s true “Carl” and “Betty” and Chris and I don’t have any history together. No past to worry about, no old hurt feelings and no grudges. We have a clean slate of openness and newness. And that is exactly how God expects us to wake up every day to be towards each other regardless of how long or short we’ve known each other.

Another surprise, “Carl” got up to use the bathroom and paid for the entire meal and tip. We insisted to let us pay but he said it was too late. I am so grateful to God for experiences that make you so thankful. Great food, beautiful time together and amazing company.

Thanks be to God, Kristina!

The greatest gift of all…

Is Love.

I love, love. I believe Gods love is the most amazing feeling to experience in this lifetime. And what is even more special is to experience Gods love through another human being.

I moved to Texas with my Son and my dog. I was leaving behind my family and friends. It was an easy decision to move but it was hard leaving everyone behind. My Mother and I have a close relationship. And now not being a short car drive away was going to be even harder.

If anyone knows and hears the desire to have my Mom visit, it’s my boyfriend Chris. I have met so many wonderful people and new friends in Texas. My experience has been nothing but positive. And I wish my Mom could be here to visit to see how amazing Texas is.

Well, well well little did I know that for a month Chris had something really special planned for me for my birthday. I was sitting on a bench with Chris, having the most romantic night. Chris was holding my hand, holding me, we were people watching, the night was beautiful. Then he gets a text from his friend and co-worker Doug. Doug’s wife Amie’s truck broke down while she was on her way to pick up Doug from the airport. “And”…I responded.

We got up from the bench and walked to car to go pick up Doug. I was so mad…inside. See, if you know anything about Chris, he is naturally sweet and kind. I know in my heart that he would do anything for anybody because they called him for help. So even though I was mad, upset and disappointed inside with his choice, I knew he was just helping his friend.

I gave Chris short answers and stayed mostly silent on the drive to the airport. I prayed to God the entire way there hoping God would change my heart and feelings. In some ways, I was being childish and unkind by my heart, my behavior. I even asked him at one point, why couldn’t he get an Uber?

As we pull up and wait for Doug to come out, Chris decides to go inside to get him. So now I am waiting in a car, on my birthday, at an airport by myself. Then Chris finally returns with Doug’s bag. He asked me what I thought about his bag, I responded, “I don’t care.” So then Chris asked me to get out of the car. I am still mad, I start to follow him. And then my blonde, beautiful Mother appears out from behind a column. I started to cry, scream and almost knocked her over.

Chris was kind enough to ask for my forgiveness, can you imagine? Chris is asking for my forgiveness??!!! I am the one that needed to ask him for forgiveness. I was acting like a spoiled child on their birthday. I felt absolute happiness and guilt as the same time.

Chris understood why I was acting the way I was acting but I didn’t. I know I am not perfect, but this is no way to behave period. I am blown away by Chris’ kindness, care and most importantly his action of love for me. Chris gave me the gift of love on my birthday that I will never forget for the rest of my life.  And for that I love Chris him even more.

We can all believe that love is a feeling but it is truly an action. Do you make actions of love or words of love? Words of affirmation are important but love in action is most important. You should know that I felt terrible for being selfish on my birthday towards Chris. I asked God and Chris to forgive me that night. I am a work in progress.

Thanks be to God for forgiveness and Love.


Merry Materialism and…

Happy New Debt!

I have one child who was spoiled because he was the 1st grandchild for awhile. If I could go back and change anything, I would never spoil a child or another human being with too many things. Things can be nice, amazing, fun, pretty and mind blowing.

Unfortunately, things ultimately end up being just things. Things become boring, collect dust, break and become old or outdated. We have been silently seduced to believe the more things the better, the one with the most things wins and the “you only live once” consumption mentality.

As the holidays are fast approaching, please remember the true meaning of Christmas and what it represents. When Advent begins it takes my breath away to light each candle, each night. It is a pleasant and powerful reminder of the birth of Jesus Christ.

I believe our best is given when we can share a testimony to each other to make their lives better. I over compensated with gifts and presents to make my Sons life good, happy and perfect. I was so wrong and I will never do it again.

In order to make my mistake known and praying Griffin won’t make the same mistakes. I recently called him to apologize for all my past mistakes but especially for the time we spent focused on the wrong things about life. Please don’t misunderstand me, we spent good quality time together and still have a wonderful relationship.

However, I would love nothing more than for anyone who reads this to understand that spoiling people only guarantees one thing, you will spoil the true meaning of Christmas and ultimately life. Living within your means, not overspending, avoiding debt and being more concerned with quality of life and not quantity should be the ultimate goal.

The plan was Jesus. The time was Christmas. The reason was His love.

God bless you and yours, Kristina!


We must look out…

For others every day.

On my birthday, November 24th, my wonderful thoughtful boyfriend took me to Enchanted. It is a beautiful and magical display of lights in Arlington, Texas. When you drive up, you instantly get excited. I couldn’t wait to park and run up to the entrance. I was so surprised, grateful and excited.

Something happened as we were pulling into the parking space we were waiting for. Another car pulled into it while we were backing in. I couldn’t believe it, I had to pick my jaw off the floor of the car. Chris is so easy going but even he was shocked. Now kids, don’t do this at home, I got out of the car and approached the driver.

I did NOT yell, scream, cuss or fight with the driver and his passengers. Instead, I asked them why did they pull into a space that we were clearly backing into? The driver confessed he didn’t see us and that he thought we were waiting for another spot. Ok, I wished them a Merry Christmas and walked across the street to the special surprise birthday date night.

I had to shake off the discomfort of the lack of care or concern from that experience in the parking lot. I had to move on, so I did. I instantly started to feel the excitement and joy I had originally felt when we started to pull up. It was a winter wonderland, so precious and beautiful at the same time. So many couples, families and children. It was like a scene out of a Norman Rockwell drawing.

Lights, snow, music, ice skating, shopping, food and lots of smiling faces. Then as I watched the crowd I noticed a lot of families not able to get group shots together. So I stepped in and asked if I could help take pictures for them, it was awesome.

Then I noticed something else, an older woman walking down the steps using the hand rail. A group of people had not noticed her and didn’t get out of her way. I walked back to her, took her outside arm to help her down the steps. I wondered how she might have felt having this strange woman take her arm and help her down the steps. I didn’t think about it because I didn’t want her to fall and hurt herself. She was grateful, asked me my name and where was I from…Kristina with a K from Maryland. We both laughed.

We must look out for each other, every day. I could have let the parking lot experience ruin my birthday surprise or wanting to help anyone that night. I could have been a jerk and held a dumb grudge but that is not who God created me or any of us to be. God created us out of LOVE and not evil. Give power to the peace, joy and love that lives inside you.

My works is not my salvation, it’s my faith in Jesus Christ who died on the cross for all of us. However, my faith enables me to enjoy and find total delight in my works to help others naturally.

God bless you.