Saved my life from more debt.

Raise your hand if you are in bad debt? Wow, look at all those hands! Ok, ok put them back down. Now raise your hand if you want to learn how to spend and save your money differently. Awesome, start today and contact me after reading this blog.

I started to “truly” immerse myself in the bible over a decade ago. And I noticed something immediately. The closer I got to God, the less money I wanted to waste. The deeper I got into reading the bible, the less money I wanted to spend on things. I learned to differentiate what I merely wanted vs. the things I truly needed.

I know what separates us spiritually is how we define prosperity and God’s blessings over our life. We think and believe the very word blessing means, lavish, expensive, dripping in diamonds, closets filled to the ceiling, gold encrusted jewelry, luxurious items. All of it and more.

I don’t want you to keep holding on to the frivolous things of the world instead of being grateful for the blessings right in front of your face. I don’t want you to pine away for unrealistic expectations of your own selfish wants. Do you see that you don’t see the pure blessings right in front of your face?

The roof over your head, or are you wanting a bigger roof? The clothes on your back, or are you wanting a shopping spree for clothes you don’t need? The car that gets your family every where, or are you wanting a more expensive car? The food on your table, or are you wanting to eat out more than eat in?

I recently had a great conversation with a person I have been mentoring with their image and spending. They were so proud that we made a fashion budget, stuck with it and was elated with the outcome. Do you want to know why? The guilt of overspending takes a toll on you, your finances and ultimately your relationship with God our Father.

I know the difference between the God who loves me and people who love me. And neither one has to do with things. You should also know that I am not perfect, no one person is. I make an effort every day to be better, we all should.

Peace be with you!


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