And somethings are hard for people.

Take fashion, I was given the gift to help others find their special wardrobes for their life. A life they love and enjoy but have no idea how to dress for it. I am confident and honest with people which enables them to feel safe and look amazing.

People need help from time to time in their fashion lane. Sometimes it means a subtle update or a closet clean out. Or it could be a full blown over haul because of a job change, a move to a new climate or region or maybe a new marital status.

No matter the fashion need, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help. My favorite part with helping people is their sense of relief from looking into the mirror and happy with themselves. And giving people the tools they need when they don’t need me anymore.

Fashion should and always be fun. Even when you need to be professional and conservative. What do I mean by that? Great question, for women they get to play around with their jewelry, accessories and shoes. So for women, I suggest women be a bit daring and fun. I suggest you pick one statement piece, daring shoes, a bold necklace or a daring bracelet or ring but not all four.

So for men, I suggest a cool belt, great socks, bold shoes, a unique tie or bow-tie with a conflicting pocket square, a daring watch or ring. Remember don’t go overboard, keep it simple and clean. Unless you have hard rooted issue with being fun and creative with your clothing, have a good time creating your fashion sense with someone like me that can help you do it the right way.

Let’s think about all the positive first impressions we get to make and not so positive impressions we get to make. With everything, there is a healthy balance between being obsessed with looking good and not caring at all about your appearance. Clothes don’t have to be expensive, uncomfortable and intimidating. And the climate of clothing in the workplace changes from year to year. Remember help is available, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Peace be with you!


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