Cry today.

I met a man and his father today. They started to talk to me because they enjoyed my “happy” disposition and wanted to know why I was so happy. I quickly responded because Jesus loves me, more than anyone in this whole world. And they started to smile, and said. “We thought so.”

Wouldn’t it be great if it was so obvious to you and me, who loved Jesus? And it was because you could see the light of Jesus beam out from their love for one another. Or because it was the help we offered to someone who truly needed it, the least of these. Perhaps because our words were kind, loving and caring, which in turn uplifted the spirits and well beings of others.

I think we are starving as a society to connect positively with each other. We are in such a rush to get were we need to go, we really don’t take time to talk to each other, not like we use too; anyway. We seem to care less, not more about people. I have been surrounded by people who love to give and help others but that is clearly the minority.

I ask you to make an effort every day to connect with someone you would never think to strike up a positive conversation with. The more you think you have nothing in common with someone God reminds you, you are so wrong. And do you know how fun it is to shock people with your cheery self and make their day better? Mind blowing, it is one of the best feelings I have ever felt.

As the gentleman and father ended our nice, long conversation about Jesus and life. The gentleman started to tear up, he told me how it was so refreshing to hear the freedom in my voice to speak about Jesus and His blessings over your life. We must share our testimony freely with each other, so we can help each other.

Thanks be to God!


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