You, me, others, him, her, animals and themselves.

If you take note of the people in your life, you might notice the healthy people vs. the unhealthy people. Revenge, hurt and pain will be on the mind of your unhealthy friends and loved ones. Unhealthy people tend to have a constant dialogue of negative speaking, gossiping and inappropriate speech. While healthy people are into problem solving, giving loving advice and care for friends and loved ones. Healthy people tend to be positive, happier and more open to life, help lead others to success and care about other people’s feelings.

You will almost never find a happy, normal healthy person commit a crime, murder, spew deliberate words of condemnation, hate or inflict pain. When you dig deeper in a persons life, life-style and past history you’ll definitely find the root cause of their behavior.

It is extremely important that you learn and teach the difference to yourself, friends and family. Unhealthy living leads to an unhealthy life-style as well. The pain lives on in the inside as well as outside. With the unfortunate verbal abuse and actions of the unhealthy person. Your body suffers from the pain along with the people around you that have to listen to your verbal abuse or witness your terrible actions.

The same is true for healthy people, your body and the people around you benefit from your healthiness. Your body is more at peace and your loving kindness also helps the hearts of others. When you give yourself to others as a positive loving gift you spread love.

God knows exactly what is going on in your life right now and from the beginning. He knows what you have endured, the pain, the abuse, the terrible incidents, all of it. And He has a plan for our lives far bigger and better than our broken past. God still continues to love us more than we could possibly imagine. So please know, make peace with your past. Get off of the UNHEALTHY train going nowhere of your present, don’t let your past define you and look to God today. He loved you enough to open your eyes to see another day.

Peace be with you.


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