For others every day.

On my birthday, November 24th, my wonderful thoughtful boyfriend took me to Enchanted. It is a beautiful and magical display of lights in Arlington, Texas. When you drive up, you instantly get excited. I couldn’t wait to park and run up to the entrance. I was so surprised, grateful and excited.

Something happened as we were pulling into the parking space we were waiting for. Another car pulled into it while we were backing in. I couldn’t believe it, I had to pick my jaw off the floor of the car. Chris is so easy going but even he was shocked. Now kids, don’t do this at home, I got out of the car and approached the driver.

I did NOT yell, scream, cuss or fight with the driver and his passengers. Instead, I asked them why did they pull into a space that we were clearly backing into? The driver confessed he didn’t see us and that he thought we were waiting for another spot. Ok, I wished them a Merry Christmas and walked across the street to the special surprise birthday date night.

I had to shake off the discomfort of the lack of care or concern from that experience in the parking lot. I had to move on, so I did. I instantly started to feel the excitement and joy I had originally felt when we started to pull up. It was a winter wonderland, so precious and beautiful at the same time. So many couples, families and children. It was like a scene out of a Norman Rockwell drawing.

Lights, snow, music, ice skating, shopping, food and lots of smiling faces. Then as I watched the crowd I noticed a lot of families not able to get group shots together. So I stepped in and asked if I could help take pictures for them, it was awesome.

Then I noticed something else, an older woman walking down the steps using the hand rail. A group of people had not noticed her and didn’t get out of her way. I walked back to her, took her outside arm to help her down the steps. I wondered how she might have felt having this strange woman take her arm and help her down the steps. I didn’t think about it because I didn’t want her to fall and hurt herself. She was grateful, asked me my name and where was I from…Kristina with a K from Maryland. We both laughed.

We must look out for each other, every day. I could have let the parking lot experience ruin my birthday surprise or wanting to help anyone that night. I could have been a jerk and held a dumb grudge but that is not who God created me or any of us to be. God created us out of LOVE and not evil. Give power to the peace, joy and love that lives inside you.

My works is not my salvation, it’s my faith in Jesus Christ who died on the cross for all of us. However, my faith enables me to enjoy and find total delight in my works to help others naturally.

God bless you.



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