When someone tells you how beautiful you are?

I do get uncomfortable, not because I don’t appreciate the compliment. It’s because I had absolutely nothing to do with how I look. Yes, grooming myself, regular hair cuts and proper make-up application helps for sure. However, God created me 100%, this is His design for me.

I also want everyone to know that everyone here on this earth is here for a reason. You shouldn’t hate someone because of the way they look, they had nothing to do with it. God makes no accidents. I didn’t choose anything about the details of my body, neither did you. When was the last time you heard God ask you if you are happy with your eyes and if you wanted to change them? No but man did, when he created colored contacts to let you decide your eye color wasn’t good enough. “Didn’t get the eyes you wanted?” “Hate the eyes you were born with?” “Buy our colored contacts and change it all.”

We are all beautiful beings of God, each and everyone of us. I think it’s incredibly mean to be mean. I see and hear so much bashing of people, especially in public. If we could teach our girls and boys to be confident with how God created them, the world would be a better place.

I will explain why, we are raising and exposing children to an idea of perfection that truly doesn’t exist. The entertainment world makes looking perfect look so easy, right?! We are only seeing one side of the coin. Flip it over to see, lighting, make-up, hair, professionals who dedicate their life to making people camera ready.

Camera ready isn’t real, and we need to teach that to our children. Instead we should be teaching children that they are more than good enough, grooming, manners and how to love themselves everyday. Just the way God created them to be.

When you teach your children the truth about who they are, they are less likely to fall victim to the person who tells them they are not good enough. They will less likely fall victim to doing drugs, have an eating disorder, have depression or fail in school. We need to uplift and create God fearing children who care more about doing good than doing bad.

Remember we only have our children for so long before we set them out into this big beautiful world. Let’s teach our children that is truly matters who the person is, including themselves, on the inside. Their heart, their love for others and their love for God.

Thanks be to God.



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