Sum total of all of our bad decisions, unfortunate mistakes or wrong choices.

Satan would love nothing more than for you to believe you are not good enough, you are a bad person, you are awful. Satan produces the type of chaos, insecurities and lies within your life that allows you to keep believing the negative things, instead of believing the good things. And with God everything in YOU is good.

Are you scratching your head asking yourself, how can this be? Are you sure Kristina? Yes, I am so positive. It is because of Jesus, He came and died on the cross for all of us. Our sins have been forgiven, He paid the ultimate price for you and me.

But without faith you may not believe anything I am writing about. Here are some examples of what you might be going through. I am here to help you see the good and bad situations you might be going through with siblings, parents, family and friends.

You might be experiencing the following:

My family and friends keep reminding me of my past failures.

My family and friends make me feel bad about myself.

My family and friends don’t seem to care about me or love me.

My family and friends call me names and make fun of me at my expense.

Instead, you might be yearning to experience the following:

I would like my family and friends to support and uplift me.

I would like my family and friends to talk to me about how I can be better and more successful.

I would like my family and friends to care about me and love me.

I would like my family and friends to speak words of affirmation and goodness into me.

I understand your confusion, it’s hard to fathom on so many levels. Society, family and friends who condemn and convict each other all day, every day. Jesus would never call you names or degrade you, why do you let the people in your life do it? The truth is God is the only Judge and Jury. Will He give us grace, mercy and forgiveness? Absolutely, He let you wake up today and read this.

Now when you find yourself wanting to rip to shreds, a persons negative past, stop. If you see someone else start to rip someone apart for their past bad behaviors, stop them.  Pray for yourself and that person. Please take a good hard look at yourself then ask yourself if you know the definition and spelling of the word: HYPOCRITE!

The sooner we start to heal from our own pain and past, we are able to heal. Don’t ever give permission to others to let them condemn you and all your hard work.

Get involved with God and get better.




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