Be like everyone else?

I think it’s incredibly important to understand, if we are honest with ourselves, that we are followers of the world and not leaders for God. More often it’s easy to be more like everyone else, blend in and not be different. To go against the grain of society, stand for what the bible says and be different, is a much more difficult task.

What does being like everyone else look like? It looks a lot like what is on television, in the media, entertainment, music videos that doesn’t represent God or the bible. It can also look a lot like trying to keep up with everyone around you. You will water down the scripture to make it work for you, instead of telling the truth.

What does it look like when you don’t look like everyone else? You stand up for what is holy, right and just on an hourly basis; daily. You are less about the world and more about everything that has to do with Jesus. You want the absolute best for everyone, including people who have wronged you or someone else. And you are not afraid to speak the truth of the bible to the people you interact with or meet.

I want to live in this world but not be a part of this world. I want to want less and need less so I can give more of me and my time to those who need me. I want to change the world for the better and not the worse. I want to fill my body with good things so I can be productive, happy and joyful. I want to continue to be happy, filled with peace and spread love.

We need more Leaders for God, so we can change the world and make it a better place to live, love and grow. I see a lot of complaining, I see a lot of pain and I see a lot of hurting going on. If you choose to ignore problems and issues within yourself, your family or the block you live on, you are part of an overwhelming problem in our society. It’s the prIde problem, yes the “I” is capitalized for a reason.

I, I , I..I can’t be bothered. I can’t be involved. I can’t help. I, I, I, I only care about me.

May God have mercy on us.



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