A family is reunited with their long lost sister that was put up for adoption.

I recently met 3 sisters, 2 of which knew each other their whole life. They were meeting for the first time, I couldn’t of been more excited for them but I had questions. From my understanding the mother and father had 7 children and put this baby girl up for adoption. Can you imagine, why this sister, why this daughter, why, why, why? I wanted more answers but I had to let them spend time with each other.

People always fascinate me with their decisions. What church to go to? What school to go to? Where to work and why? Which person to marry? How many children? Where to live? What to wear? What to eat? Which team to root for? Who to like? Who to love? Who to hate?

I don’t know why these parents decided to put this daughter up for adoption but despite that the siblings found each other because of Ancestry.com. They trusted each other enough to meet somewhere in between to see if this was real. I was very moved by their story. I am positive this is one of thousands of stories being made because of the data being entered by millions of people around the world.

And if you are wondering if they looked alike or had similar habits or hobbies? Yes, yes, yes, even though they didn’t grow up together she favored one sister in facial features big time and favored the other sister in personality and some facial features. Especially when they smiled you could see it and they were smiling a lot.

If I woke up one morning to find out I had a long lost sister, I would be so excited and blessed. Unfortunately my mother has insured me this will not be happening, oh well a girl can pray. However, God is such an amazing God. He let this amazing meeting take place. It was beautiful to watch and experience.

I am so grateful these women shared their story with me, I was blown away with them letting me ask as many questions as I did. We even joked about the flip side of meeting a long lost loved one. Is this a scam, do they want or need money or worse are looking for organs? Truth be told everyone should put the proper precautionary measures in place before embarking on meeting anyone for the first time. I would also pray to God for discernment and guidance.

Thanks be to God


2 thoughts on “Thanks to Ancestry.com…

  1. I never knew the names of my parents or any relatives when I was young. I was shocked to discover two lovely sisters and a brother and many wonderful extended family members. Ancestry.com has provided me with a large family tree and connected me with many relatives I never knew existed.

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