Happy New Debt!

I have one child who was spoiled because he was the 1st grandchild for awhile. If I could go back and change anything, I would never spoil a child or another human being with too many things. Things can be nice, amazing, fun, pretty and mind blowing.

Unfortunately, things ultimately end up being just things. Things become boring, collect dust, break and become old or outdated. We have been silently seduced to believe the more things the better, the one with the most things wins and the “you only live once” consumption mentality.

As the holidays are fast approaching, please remember the true meaning of Christmas and what it represents. When Advent begins it takes my breath away to light each candle, each night. It is a pleasant and powerful reminder of the birth of Jesus Christ.

I believe our best is given when we can share a testimony to each other to make their lives better. I over compensated with gifts and presents to make my Sons life good, happy and perfect. I was so wrong and I will never do it again.

In order to make my mistake known and praying Griffin won’t make the same mistakes. I recently called him to apologize for all my past mistakes but especially for the time we spent focused on the wrong things about life. Please don’t misunderstand me, we spent good quality time together and still have a wonderful relationship.

However, I would love nothing more than for anyone who reads this to understand that spoiling people only guarantees one thing, you will spoil the true meaning of Christmas and ultimately life. Living within your means, not overspending, avoiding debt and being more concerned with quality of life and not quantity should be the ultimate goal.

The plan was Jesus. The time was Christmas. The reason was His love.

God bless you and yours, Kristina!



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