God’s plan.

I recently came upon a very cute and adorable picture of my son and his childhood friend, Erica. The two of them look so happy, innocent and full of joy. Griffin and Erica were always up to something, lots of laughing and plotting. I always enjoyed watching them have fun being children.

We were blessed to have met Erica’s family, Kristin and I became best friends. We had so much in common, our families enjoyed each other. When we got the news they were moving to Kentucky we were so disappointed but excited they were moving on to bigger and better things.

After they moved, Griffin and I felt a great sense of loss. How do you prepare children for loss of any kind? You offer support, love and care while you mend the hurt. We also did something else, we planned a road trip to Kentucky. We left with excitement and anticipation.

As the years went by, we tried to stay in touch and see each other whenever we could. Our lives and schedules got more and more busy as Erica and Griffin got older. It’s to be expected but still hard and we missed our friends. But the story doesn’t end there…

Griffin decided he would be going into the Air Force, February 2017. I knew it might be coming but we kept it a secret until he was sure. And then one day I was reading my news-feed on Facebook that Erica had joined the Air Force and would be in BMT at the exact same time Griffin would be there. I started to weep with shock and joy.

I am proud to report that Griffin and Erica graduated from the Air Force on the same day just like they did so many years ago in preschool. After graduation we sat down for lunch and caught up. We reminisced about all the shenanigans Griffin and Erica got into while friends in Gainesville, Virginia. Thank God for unbelievable surprises of joy!

Kristin and I could not have planned this if we had tried. God is so good to me, so good to all of us. I don’t question God, I don’t have to. He shows up every day and reveals Himself to me, for you too. We have to be open to receiving Him on His terms and not our own. It’s better, safe and awesome…I promise.


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