To your friends, family and neighbors?

I ask this question because most people think it’s okay to bully, negatively name call and hurt people, even their own family members. It amazes me that families will allow this type of behavior to take place in their own homes for generations. Some subscribe to a belief that this bullying will make them stronger, more confident and tough. Unfortunately this is not the case, the resullts are counter productive and damaging.

I recently had a conversation with a person who didn’t receive words of affirmation, compliments or goodwill from his family or siblings. Instead he received teasing, ridicule and negativity. And now he lives in the memory of all the mean things that were said to him by the very people that he believed were suppose to love him-his family. Verbal abuse will take it’s toll on everyone, and everyone suffers.

I couldn’t help but think of Joseph and his brothers and how badly Joseph was treated by all of them. But Joseph behaved how God wants us all to behave, he had faith. No matter what happened to him Joseph made it a point to be joyful, forgiving and loving. Wow, what a great example and reminder.

How to spot a bully? They call you mean names, make fun of you, they cuss at you, they enjoy making you feel bad in order to make themselves feel better, they have low self-esteem masked by severe cockiness.

THE GREAT NEWS: Today is the day to stop, today can be the day that you stand up for yourself and refuse to be spoken to in an unkind manner. Or today can be the day you no longer speak illwill to anyone ever again. Speak words of affirmation to everyone around you. I beg you to Uplift and speak easy to one another. Be kind and love everyone; especially your enemies.




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