Make life so much better.

Every so often I will make a list to serve God. It’s either 5 to 10 bullet points long, written on big white poster board and God is all over it. I want to serve God in a way that is pleasing to Him and His Kingdom.

My goals are all the prompting of God and His desires for my life. God makes up all the wonderful things of our lives, even the really hard uncomfortable times. When God makes a promise He keeps it, just read the bible and see for yourself. Isn’t that awesome!!?? I believe so, and so should you.

Today I ask you to ask yourself is God in the center of the details of your life? Is He or are you, your family and/or friends in the details of your life?! How differently do you think your life would be if you trusted God with everything? I mean, really and truly trusted Him with EVERYTHING!!??

My life reads like an adventure with God, for God. Without a shadow of doubt God has been all over my life. Even when I didn’t want to listen or be obedient, He was there…waiting. God has protected me, given me strength and saved me by sending His only Son to die on the cross. Every day is a gift that I get to open my eyes and breathe.

What are your goals? Is God in your goals? If not, how will you change your life at this very moment for God? Are you willing to give up everything that is not working in your life for the cross? And let me be clear, everyone defines success, love, goodness, greatness differently. Pray and desire God’s success, love, goodness and greatness over your life and your families. It might hurt at first but God’s plan for your life is far better than your plans…I promise.


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