To not put away or to put away, that is the question? Of course you put it away!

Have you ever been to the parking lot of a grocery store, a Wal-Mart or even better a Costco? Have you ever watched in amazement how someone could be so lazy and inconsiderate that they would leave their cart anywhere and everywhere?

Well I have and it has only got worse since I was a child. Now I believe it is a sign of times, a bad sign. Why you ask, it’s only a shopping cart? Let me tell you why, it’s because it’s a simple task. You just spent 20 minutes to an hour pushing it around then all of a sudden you no longer need it, so you decide to leave it where you want, not where it belongs.

See if we are too busy to do the little, easy stuff, then we are too busy to really care about the big stuff. And then we teach our children that we don’t have to follow rules, regulations or laws. Hence why we have the problems we have today. I have never thought I was entitled to anything but respect from my fellow neighbors.

I once stood outside a Costco in Beltsville, Maryland and kindly approached people who didn’t return the cart to the store or the cart return. I spoke in a concerning tone, with a big smile and simply asked,”May I ask you why you didn’t return your car?” Every single person took their cart to the cart return but they really didn’t have a “real” answer for me. Most people laughed, so I laughed with them. I didn’t want to make them mad or angry, so I decided to tread lightly.

We need to look out for one another without feeling threatening. Leaving shopping carts everywhere poses a problem for accessibility to other parking spaces, damage to cars and more work for already hard working employees that have to go fetch shopping carts in Timbuktu.

So it goes without saying or writing, put your shopping carts back where they belong, not under the tree, in another parking space or propped up on a curb. I also have advice for those dating men or women who don’t or refuse to put the cart back, run as fast as you can away from that person. Make it your litmus test on your 3rd or 4th date, you will thank me later.


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