Is today, August 1, 2017!

Where would I be without the amazing friendships I have made throughout my life? I often think about how God brought the right women into my life for a season and others  for longer. The girlfriends who taught me who I did and didn’t want to be based on what I learned from them.

I recently moved to Texas, leaving my girlfriends behind. I was able to say good bye to most of them, which was very important to me. Some girlfriends came to my going away party, some came to my Bon Voyage party and the others met me one on one. Leaving them behind was hard and difficult but grateful we have phones, texts and social media to stay updated.

I must admit I am blessed in the girlfriend space. God has given me the type of girlfriends that have looked out for me. The type of girls that lift me up, make me laugh and support my endeavors. Some of my girlfriends have even been here to see me in Texas already, awesome; right?!

In fact, I am amazed at the new girlfriends that I have met over the last 3 years including the new girlfriends I recently met in Texas. These women have been life changing for me. The older I get, the newer the friend, we all have God in common. I am so grateful, pleased and thankful to God for the great girlfriend flow.

May you take today to reflect on all the wonderful women who gave their friendship to you. May you say a prayer to the ones that you lost for better or worse. And may God continue to bless your life with women who uplift, love, care and make you laugh all the days of your lives.


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