Signature fragrance…right!?

I was invited by my Mother to go the local Department store named Woodworth & Lothrop to pick out my fragrance. Fragrance, me…really? I was sixteen and felt excited and scared at the same time. Did I need a fragrance, if I did why? What was this all about?

My Mother, a tall beautiful blonde, who I looked up to “literally” for most of my life. I write most of life because I eventually caught up to her in height. And she smelled amazing, her fragrance is Chanel #5, still wears it. Whenever I smell Chanel #5, I instantly think of her and smile.

So here I am, sixteen years old heading to “Woodies” to pick out my signature fragrance that I would wear forever. We parked the car, headed straight for the perfume counter. The lights and colors felt like I was at an elegant Carnival without the food, it was beautiful. A beautiful woman, full make-up, long manicured nails and dressed to impress approached us as soon as we touched the glass counter. I have no idea where she came from, but it was like she popped up from the floor. I was memorized by it all and rightfully so, I was only sixteen and impressionable.

The women greeted us with a big beautiful white teeth smile, and then the question: How may I help the two of you? My Mother instantly spoke up and said we are here to pick out a signature scent for my daughter. Then her smiled turned to me, and said,”Well isn’t this a special day?” Then the festivities begun.

The fragrance woman asked me some questions, then she sprayed a little white piece of paper with popular scents for me to smell, she also used my wrist or I smelled sticks from the perfume bottles. It was intense, at times overwhelming but I was spending a special moment with my Mother that I would never forget. I pray that I will never forget the day my Mother took me to find my signature scent. We found it by the way that day at the Estee Lauder counter, I picked “Beautiful.” It smelled beautiful, it was in a pink and gold box and my Mother liked it too.

I stopped wearing “Beautiful” and started wearing “Flower Bomb.” I thought it was time for a change. Then this past Mother’s Day a package arrived that brought tears to my eyes. My Mother sent me my signature scent “Beautiful”, I was blown away. And it brought me back to that very day when my Mother told me we were going to pick out my very own fragrance.

via Daily Prompt: Fragrance


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