But I never believed it should.


I recently tried a new hair care product for hair coloring by Madison Reed. I was optimistic because I was using a box color that left my scalp irritated, red, burning and itchy. I dreaded coloring my hair every 6 weeks. Then suddenly I was seeing social media ads about Madison Reed and I had to try it for myself.

When Madison Reed first came out, the coloring line was only available on line. Then I was so excited to see that Ulta Beauty Stores were going to start selling Madison Reed in June 2017-woohoo. This was my chance to buy the color and try it.

Madison Reed claims the following about their product:

  1. 100% gray coverage
  2. Long-lasting color with beautiful multi-tones
  3. Works in 35 minutes
  4. Thick cream color: no drips, no mess, no harsh smell
  5. Free of: ammonia, parabens, resorcinol, PPD, phthalates & gluten
  6. Made from ingredients you can feel good about: keratin, argan oil and ginseng root extract
  7. Compliments guaranteed

I got it home with complete excitement, I opened the box and was pleasantly surprised to see all the awesome accoutrements. The box contained the following items: Radiant Cream Color, Conditioning Color Activator, Gloves, Cap, Barrier Cream(so cool and professional), Cleansing Wipe, Color Protecting and Conditioner. Also inside are instructions and instructional pictures.

Here is my honest opinion with pictures; I love this product!!! I chose 4NGV VENEZIA, Darkest Golden Brown. First of all, I had the experience from using a box color before so the items in this box blew me away. I enjoyed using each and every item as well, I felt like a Pro. The second thing I noticed immediately was there was no awful smell when I mixed the color and activator together. The barrier cream worked perfectly, no stains on my skin. The extra pair of black gloves and wipe is a nice touch.

I left the color on for 37 minutes, washed it out and headed to my Stylist for a cut and style. I have no complaints, except for one which really isn’t a complaint.  The price was not in my budget, but I am willing to move some finances around to give Madison Reed hair color a good 6 months.

Now please know that hair color reacts differently for everyone. Life-style, medication, product build up, menstrual cycle and diet all interfere with hair color results. So just because a hair color brand, any hair color, may not react positively it is not necessary because of the dye, just FYI.







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