Should be your relationship with God?

It’s not a place, a location, a vacation, a house, it’s truly not even Disney World or Land. The happiest place on Earth exists within the Trinity. When we give ourselves completely and freely to God that is when we find true happiness.

We all have our own walk with God, some realize this faster than others. Others struggle day in and day out to let go and let God in our hearts to take over. And sometimes our own inability to let go of control impedes our own success in life and more importantly with God.

We need to teach our children this very concept as well. It’s so important we clean up our own thinking so we can help our children to understand the true meaning of happiness. Children need to understand the importance of God’s Love and not love of toys, things or lavish experiences or vacations.

Do you know how differently the world would be if we were all able to start today to put God in the center of everything we did, say or feel? If we stopped putting ourselves in the position of God and truly lived for Him? You would be healthier, wealthier and happier.

I pray you start today to let God inside your life, totally and completely. Not before every meal, not on Sunday or Saturday evening Mass, not before you go to bed but totally and completely inside your life, everyday.



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