Is an awesome clothing store for women from sizes to 0 to 18!


I recently found a $20 rewards certificate that I had not used but was about to expire. I was running errands and it just so happened a New York & Company was in my sight. I suddenly stumbled upon a major sale that was going on. If you know me, you will know I need nothing but I had a $20 reward certificate that was burning a hole in my pocket.

Then from across the store I saw a beautiful rack of dresses that had a sign with the price of dresses…$16.99. I almost fell over, beautiful dresses and an amazing price?! Ahhh, yes! I found and purchased 1 super cute dress with change to spare. The dress is perfect for the hot weather of Texas, my size, beautiful blue and a very comfortable material.

And this is why I love New York & Company, this company has corned the market on affordable, beautiful clothing for almost every female alive. I could literally find something perfect for every women I know in my life. New York & Company offers an on-line store as well. I have experienced on-line shopping and the in store experience. I happen to like both for different reasons.

I also adore the costume jewelry and accessory line as well. Over the years that I have shopped at New York & Company, I always seem to get a compliment on what I am wearing. So not only do I applaud the cuts, styles, colors and pricing, I also enjoy receiving praises on my clothing choices from New York & Company. One more to remember I notice they offer different discounts for the amazing women making a difference in this world like the military, nurses and school teachers. And even though New York & Company has amazing deals and discounts, I love the special shout out to these professions.

Great job New York & Company, great job!!!



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