And how I love them so.

I was born to a Mother and Father, then after 11 years of marriage they decided to part ways and divorce. And you would think that is where the story ended but no that is where the blessings began.

I have Four remarkable Fathers who have made an impact on my life. I know, I know, some people can’t even say they have 1 father and I have been blessed with four men who I get to call Dad. I took the sour lemons of life and made delicious green tea lemonade and stayed blessed.

One day while I was thinking about my 4 Fathers I started to write their names down in order in which they came into my life.

A is for Andrew, my Dad who gave me life. My Dad is a tough guy but a kind heart. He taught me to be strong, fierce, kind and graceful. My Dad told me to never let anyone tell me I couldn’t do something good, to never back down and to never give up. We were active with bike riding, cooking and sports galore. My Dad didn’t drink or do drugs and he advocated the same principles for me; I obliged. I love roses because my Dad made sure I had roses for birthdays and Valentine’s day. My Dad wanted us to have manners and respect so he would take us to fine dining restaurants, so we could practice what he taught us. And to this day, my Dad may disagree with my politics but he loves me and appreciates me for who I am and I love him.

R is for Robert, my Dad who came in after the divorce. The very tall, kind, quiet and caring Dad; a gentle giant if you will. He like my Dad, taught me grace which every little girl should be taught. Robert is a very patient man, he had no children of his own before our brother Jacob came along. With Robert, I learned about a beautiful Jewish family and religion first hand. He included us in all his family activities and traditions without batting an eye. Robert gave me a different perspective on family values. He encouraged me, helped me start baby-sitting and would even drive me and my friends to the mall when other parents couldn’t. And to this day, Robert is still my Dad and I love him so much.

M is for Michael, my other Dad who came in after the divorce from Robert. Unfortunately, I didn’t bond with Michael but that doesn’t mean I didn’t learn something from him while he was in the position of Dad. Michael was a Southern Baptist from Alabama who was extremely set in his ways with no prior children of his own. And I will leave it right there…

S is for Steve, my current Dad after a huge gap of time after Michael. Steve is quiet, generous, patient and kind. Oh yeah, super smart and will beat you at trivia. Steve is a singer, loves a good pipe, a stiff drink and his dogs. I have been a single Mom for the last 11 years, without the help, kindness and care from Steve and my Mom I don’t know how my life would be. I am grateful that Steve loves my Mom so much, again with no children of his own he has shown so much care and kindness. And I love Steve, too.

So as you can see, God blessed me with 4 unbelievable Fathers. The A.R.M.S. of each Father surrounded me with kindness, care, concern and love in their own special way, even Michael. God knew I needed each Father for a different reason that would help mold me into the women I am today. My life could be so different but God made it so wonderful.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s who showed up to be a great force in their children’s lives. I appreciate the Dad’s who won’t give up during the tough times of life. And lastly, God bless the Dad’s who stepped in when someone else stepped out. Thank you!

(*I am not an Advocate of Divorce, I don’t recommend multiple marriages. However, I know without a doubt through all the trials and tribulations of my life Jesus was right there beside me, showing up, loving me and protecting me. Just like He is today for you and me.)




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