Which one is more important to you?

I recently met a couple, they told me that they have been married to each other for 28 years. Wow, I exclaimed and congratulated them both. I was intrigued to know how were they defying the odds and avoiding divorce.

The gentleman, quickly responded,”I married up” for sure. We all laughed but then his wife responded. “It’s not about finding someone who makes you happy but someone who makes you Holy.” I responded with a firm, Amen and added when you are holy, it is when you are truly happy. We were all smiling, shaking our heads in agreement.

Then I started to think of every relationship I ever had in my entire life. Romantic, platonic, family, friendly, work, neighbors, college, high school and elementary, all of them. Which one’s were leading me to be holy and which ones were not, the list was short but instantly I was able to identify each and every person who wanted to do good in my life for God.

I love this concept, help and lead people new and old to be more holy, which will lead to true happiness. Great concept but are people in general ready to be happy on God’s terms or are they striving to solely be happy on their own? I truly believe this is the #1 hang up in most people’s lives. Let go and let God I like to say when someone is so stuck they can’t see straight. However, easier said than done for most.

I will choose God for the source of my holiness which will undeniably lead me to happiness. My happiness from holiness will lead to the happiness and holiness for others. I pray for you today, choose God’s plan for your life above your own. I promise, it’s even better than you could have ever imagined for yourself.



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