Pass it on!

I was so happy last Sunday when a woman came up to me to tell me that she noticed my positive energy, happiness and overall spirit filled personality. Wow, I was blown away and speechless by her kindness. I didn’t know what to say but thank you. Then she disappeared, I wanted to ask her so many questions. Why, you ask? I am fascinated by good people doing randomly nice things.

I have watched my Mother and Father, along with my Grandma Miles do incredibly kind and loving things for family, friends and complete strangers. I must admit, it was the best part of my childhood. However, the downside of kindness is watching people get taken advantage of or the person is not being grateful. I am so thankful my parents and Grandma took the time to teach me very early to do things from the goodness of your heart, not expecting a thing in return.

So, after I came down from the high of the compliment, I started to realize how great would it be if we all made a pledge to give a heartfelt, happy comment to a complete stranger or someone we know. It felt so amazing, I want each and every person to feel this amazing too. Please understand, it must be heartfelt and meaningful, not forced or fake. I know Jesus is big on LOVE and honesty, so we should be too. And if you can’t come up with anything to say, just smile. A smile can go a long way in a matter of seconds for someone that might be having a bad day.

Peace, LOVE and Jesus!!!



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