Only God knows.

And I am so good with that. I want to help people understand that living a reckless life with food high in fat, salt, sugar or calories is horrible. Reckless with high caloric, fructose or alcoholic beverages and lack of exercise is not good or Godly. In fact, the human body will let you kill itself with bad food choices, if you let it, isn’t that fascinating!??

I seek out people who have lived longer, healthier and who are happy. I tend to stay away from advertisers who believe and think I am more attracted to buying things from much younger women as their Spokesmodels. Unfortunately, we have been made to believe sex sells, younger is better and consumers are not too smart or intelligent to know the difference. Wrong!!!

Yes, God only knows when you will die, so true. I just want to feel and look as good and natural as I can until that day. Makes sense, right!!?? Why fight age with synthetic procedures or food? Instead eat healthy, nourish and exercise your body with the utmost care and concern, instead of taking short cuts. It’s never too late to start to change your unhealthy habits today. Isn’t that awesome?

The fact that we fight to look so different is a direct reflection of how we feel about ourselves. Instead of accepting our unique beauty or each other’s, we are truly listening to the lies that Satan tells us instead. I encourage you to uplift yourself and other’s every day, especially your children. Let everyone know they were uniquely made by God, not a mistake but a God Original-AMEN!!!


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