Is the greatest gift of all.

Have you ever been hurt, has someone broken your heart, did they trick you or lie to you? Yes, me too but I learned that forgiveness is the only way to live a happy, fulfilling, more meaningful life. Why or how you ask? It’s because living any other way will leave you bitter, mean, nasty, unhappy and not fun to be around. You will loose sleep, begin to age faster, your thoughts won’t be your thoughts because you will be preoccupied with hurt.

I’ve experienced my own hurt in my life, I thought I was over it but I quickly realized I wasn’t while attending weekly Mass one morning. It was so eye opening, it hit me like a brick. It was the revelation I needed to hear. I personally know God wants us to go to church for this very reason, you will hear or experience something that will directly help you or someone you know.

In I John 1: 4-9, you will notice that God is light and there is no darkness in Him in any way. God also wants us to be filled with joy, so beautiful. So when we fully admit that we are Christians, He believes us. God wants us to fellowship with Him, together and know that the Blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin and guilt, so awesome. We must admit and confess our sins, we need to stop living in sin and not lead other’s to sin, as well.

When we live in the hurt, we live in darkness. Yes, it’s true. It may be confusing but let me help you understand. Hurt is sadness, sadness is pain, pain is hurt. Hurt is Satan, Satan is the enemy. God doesn’t plan a bad life for you, in fact, it’s the opposite. God wants joy, happiness, greatness and most important LOVE for you and me. Sin is unforgiveness, letting the hurt continue to reck your life is like letting Satan take up camp in your life.

Please let today be the day you decide that the hurt from your past will not continue to rule your future. I am so grateful to God for letting me wake up today so I can share this good news with you. I pray you help someone that might need to read this today as well. I am here for you if you need me…


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