Cherish every moment you have at this very minute with your children. Learn and don’t repeat the bad times, get out as much as you can from those horrible moments. Talk up and encourage the loving, nice times and reminisce often on the good things. Do this so you know how to be truly grateful and know when to celebrate your accomplishments and learn from your mistakes.

Never take your children for granted. Looking back with no regrets at the life you decided to have with your child or children is more rewarding than any job, any promotion or amount of money this world can give you.

Not too long ago my Son graduated from Kindergarten, then High School and just recently I went to Lackland Air Force Base to watch him graduate from Basic Military Training. Just so you know, there is nothing BASIC about BMT, in fact, it broke him and built him back up. My Son is not the Son I said good-bye to months before he entered his agreement to The United States Air Force. I am beyond proud of him and his recent accomplishments. And just because he is different, it’s a good different.

However, I am sitting here wondering where did all the time go. I mean, I read about this sort of thing and talked with my Mother about it but to actually go through it is different and a bit surreal. Real hard is more like it. The last 20 years flew by. He is a boy becoming a man at high speed. Not sure if he or I are ready for this but it’s happening whether we like it or not.

The good news is I planted seeds in him so long ago I was not worried or concerned. And I will continue to plant good seeds in him. We should, as a society, plant good seeds in all the children of this world those especially close to us.

So please remember, the amount of quality time we chose to spend with our children while they are small and impressionable is so very important. It’s the most important job we have to fulfill. Like God, He is always with us. Our children need to know that no matter what we will love them. Now that doesn’t mean we have to agree with their life choices but we must love them like God loves us…without conditions. Even when we sin, God loves us. Even on our worse day, God loves us.

Have an awesome day!


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