the Human Race.

I recently put this title on my Facebook page. I got a few likes but no one questioned what I meant which was fascinating to me for so many reasons. First, because I am Bi-Racial, so which race was I referring to and secondly because in today’s climate people will speak out and ask but this time everyone kept quiet, did the comment go over everyone’s head or maybe because no one cared. All suitable reasons to me but I remained curious.

So let’s get back to that title, I don’t like hate. I really don’t like even typing the word hate, either. However, I have lived over 40 years on this great big beautiful planet called Earth to know better. I know that no matter who you are, how big or small, how tall or short, how beautiful or not so beautiful society says you are, how the color on your skin shows up; everyone has dealt with hate. Yes, it’s true, I have seen it with my own eyes day in and day out.

Some of you would like to think that one religion, creed, sex, color, ethnic group has it worse over the other but you are wrong. You are too blind to believe the truth because it’s easier for you to hide behind the negative agenda instead of embracing the truth, we all have felt hate in some form or another. I would think that this type of revelation would open the doors of happiness and love, instead of more hate, more violence. But again, that would be too easy and we must do things the hard way and continue to divide us all into groups. Instead of agreeing that we all have been hurt or hated against and it had nothing to do with race. Yes, I wrote it, nothing to do with RACE!!!

There is no denying that by living primarily with my beautiful Caucasian, Irish Mother, you might think I would hear some negative comments about me or my brother, no. Instead I heard the opposite, all compliments and praise. Maybe you might think I must have heard some racially motivated comments while spending weekends with my handsome African American, Native American Father, right!? No, wrong again, I felt safe, never afraid of who I was or what I looked like.

Don’t get me wrong, I saw something awful. I saw hate, in forms that had nothing to do with religion, creed, sex, color, ethnic group or racism but pure ignorance. I have straight friends and gay friends, I have friends who would be considered obese and friends who get teased that they have anorexia, I have friends who are too tall for being a woman and friends who are too short for being a man. I have friends that have been told they talk “black” and friends that “talk white”. I have friends that have hair that’s too curly or too straight, too long or too short. I have friends that feel too smart and friends who don’t feel smart enough, I have friends who have been called Nerdy, Jock, Princess, Goody-Goody, the list goes on and on and on. Does this resonate with any of you? We have been labeling people for decades without any of these labels having to do with race, just hate.

I am just asking you the next time you want to classify something as racism you might want to call it what it really is…hate. I have heard conversations of groups of women put other women down…hate. I have heard family members tease and make fun of other family members, that is not kind or loving but…hate. I have sat at a dinner table to listen to men put another colleague down, again hate. I have witnessed children bully other children, again not because of the color of their skin but pure…hate.

Don’t you get it, the world wants us to be at odds with each other, to create this divide against one another to promote hate and not love. Why? Because Satan would like nothing more than to have you let him move into your home and kick God out. God is love, God doesn’t ask us to hate but to love. And we are raising a society of people who don’t or can’t love themselves, self-hate is rampant. We need to lift each other up, stop the hate and start to love ourselves. I will close with racism does exist but more often than not, it’s truly just hate.

Don’t hate someone because they are different, love them because they are.



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