I once heard that scars are a reminder that the past existed. Several years ago my wonderful birthday fell on Thanksgiving. As I looked at the pile of pink presents, I couldn’t wait to wear my new pink ballet flats my Mom bought me. And when I tried them on, I noticed the 4 inch scare on my foot that had become a distant memory. My son and I went on a camping trip to a friends cabin in Bluemont, Virginia one Memorial Day weekend. We didn’t know what to expect but the closer we got the sky was bigger and bluer, the mountains taller. It was just so gorgeous and peaceful. Our mornings started off with kayaking and taking in the sights. Our nights were relaxing and quiet. We were free from video games, emails, constant telephone calls and other distractions we’ve grown accustom too.

My son and I talked and laughed a lot, more so than normal. I was really glad we were able to take this trip together. On the morning of our departure, I was cleaning up after our meal and out of a bag of trash poked a piece of glass that ripped open the top of my foot as I walked by. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I think I went into a calm shock. My son rushed over, looked down at my foot and took over. He got a wet paper towel and tried to apply pressure in order to stop the bleeding. My son then picked me up, like I weighed nothing, and took me over to the truck. The owner of the cabin took us to the emergency clinic. Once I was seen by the Doctor, she told me that my son was asking about me and wanted to come to see me so he could cheer me up. I told her that he may come back, so he did and he started making me laugh. Seventeen stitches later we were back in our car headed home.

As I looked in the rear view mirror as we were leaving Virginia, I was smiling. Smiling ear to ear and so happy because I was so proud of my son. I needed to see my son in a different light, he showed me a side of him I never knew existed. The scar will be a positive reminder of our amazing weekend away to Bluemont, Virginia.

We should allow our children to know what it feels like to be responsible, take charge and be the greatness God put in each and every one of them.

Have an awesome day!



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