We hear about cyber security and identity theft a lot lately. It’s scary to think that someone out there is willing to destroy you or to steal from you. It is sad, but it reminds me how we give permission for our own personal identity to be lost. I would love to see an ad that would remind us to protect our personal identity that God gave us when we were born. We can lose it when we start a new relationship, a new job, pregnancy, even a sibling can rob us of our own personal identity. And it’s because we let them take it away from us in the first place. I remember feeling a bit of an out of “Kristina” experience when I had my son. I am a huge advocate of being who God made you to be, I began to feel that slip away. I quickly realized it and got back to me. I felt it slip away again when I was divorced after 13 years of marriage. Be cognitive, be in the present and never forget you. The natural good of who we are is very special, never let anyone take that away from you. Protect it like you would eggs in a carton, a seat belt in a car, a helmet during a motorcycle ride or even a credit score. We are constantly protecting every thing but ourselves. Do you feel like you’ve lost your identity? I promise you can get it back!

I hope you have an awesome day!


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