To talk about your son or daughter?

Early one morning I was eating breakfast with my son when he was 15 years old. While listening to our favorite Christian radio station, 91.9 WTGS, they announced Joseph was the name for The Family Name game. My son and I instantly looked at each other with excitement. I called in, got through and waited patiently to talk about my son, Joseph. I could hardly wait, I was busting out of the seams. Joseph had to leave for his carpool but I gave him a kiss good-bye and continued to wait. The DJ’s finally took my call and asked me to talk about Joseph. I told them how proud I was of Joseph, he attends a christian high school (DeMatha Catholic High School) that he played sports (football and lacrosse) and volunteered for the homeless (S.O.M.E.). I was beaming through the phone, then I started to tear up. Why? As much as I love Joseph and how proud I am for him, I just want him to be a good man in the end. The DJ’s were so kind to listen, to be so kind to me. At the end of our phone call I was told we won the Chick Filet dinner out, so awesome.

I got to thinking, do our children or loved ones truly know what we would say if we had 2-3 minutes. And if in your heart you didn’t have anything special to say about your daughter or son, why not? I sometimes find myself at a store listening in shock to parents scream at their children, it breaks my heart. If our children don’t feel or see our love for them, how will they ever love themselves. Take time to be patient and love your child/children. You’ll be amazed with the results, I promise.

When Joseph got home from school he mentioned that he and everyone in the car heard what I said on the radio station. Joseph smiled at me and told me thank you and that he loved me, that is all I needed to hear.

Have an awesome day!



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