Jackpot can make you dream like never before. The “What If” I win dream is a very powerful feeling when the jackpot is high. I really like thinking about all the wonderful things money has the power to afford me to do for others. It evokes grandiose dreams, charity donations and gifts to family and friends.  Lavish thoughts and splurges galore, all for a $1 ticket for a chance to win. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we didn’t have to wait for a lottery jackpot to dream big? Dreaming is free, we all are allowed to dream good intentions and happy thoughts about our friends and family, even complete strangers we would like to help.

Praying is a form of dreaming our heart makes. I pray that with a clean heart we can focus on so much good on our world and the world at large. It starts with me and you, to pray big Godly prayers. We should make time every day to pray so we can get closer to our real happiness. I believe true happiness comes when we can help our neighbors, friends and family right now, don’t wait for the lottery to be a jackpot winner or giver. We are all winners at this very moment, no ticket needed. God is the jackpot giver, He knows exactly what you need and when you need it. So be intent on praying for God’s jackpot plan for your life and not your own, I promise it’s better than you could imagine for yourself.

I have been blessed with amazing friends and family that have helped me beyond belief, I am so grateful.

Have a great day!


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