Happy? I know that is easy for some of us but not for most of us. We tend to let the past cripple us or the busyness of today overwhelm us. Does anyone think this is fair, right or just? Certainly it’s easier said than done to make the necessary changes in our lives to make it happy. And in order to do that we must ask ourselves, what is happy, how do I define happy and what does happy look like?

Let me help you with all 3 of those very good questions. Happiness is an overwhelming feeling of joy. Happiness is defined by Webster Dictionary as feeling pleasure and enjoyment because of your life, situation, etc. Happiness should always be defined as a state of mind that makes you smile on the inside and out. There you have it, 3 great questions about being happy, 3 great answers to start you off to get started with your journey to happy.

I am asked almost every day, how are you so happy. I first tell them Jesus but I also tell them I am grateful. It’s important to be humble, grateful and love Jesus. Blessings are all around us but so many of us want to focus on the negative and ugliness of life instead of seeing the beauty. I instantly pray for those who are suffering from hardened hearts, high anxiety and love lost. I even pray for my enemies and so should you. I am here for you, message me if you need to get started on your happy.


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