As you love yourself. We have heard this over and over again, I can’t tell you how many times but it is a lot. Easy enough, right!?

Well, not really and not for a lot of us. First, we must raise up children who truly understand the definition of love by God. Then we must show these children by our
 example what is looks like when we truly loves ourselves to give it as a gift to others. God created love in all of us but we are so quick to abundantly love the world’s view of love and not His. 

I am not surprised that so many people find it so difficult to love themselves. Most can’t stop the self hatred that comes from comparing themselves to others, instead of being grateful for who God made them to be. We were all created in His image what better way to see ourselves, right!? 

Let’s all vow to God today that we are going to start to love ourselves today, even the ugly parts that we convinced ourselves exist. We will wipe away all the mean things that have been spoken over us by the enemy. And finally, let us appreciate ourselves where we are today and celebrate in anticipation of being better with every tomorrow.


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