Started when I was very young and eager to learn while watching my Grandma Miles, my Mother and Father. I ultimately learned to cook and bake because my Mother and Father are amazing Chef’s, Bakers and my Father is also a Pit Master. It’s no wonder I enjoy food, love baking and get satisfaction from creating new dishes for me, my Son/Family and friends. Cooking is such an important part of growing up, my Son was taught at 3 years old to cook a lobster. And that began his love for cooking as well. Now 20 years old, he enjoys cooking fresh, delicious meals for me and himself.

I believe it’s important to teach our children to cook so they can have more control over their health. It’s easy to show a child to push a button on a microwave and open a box, cut slits in the plastic but what are we really teaching them. Let me share with you what we are teaching them: eat alone, sub par ingredients, sub par nutrition and that cooking comes from opening a box to put it into another box.

Let’s slow down and get back to basics. We plan our days and nights, so why not take time to cook a nutritious meal for and with our family more often than not. Let’s take time to teach our children the importance of eating healthy, learning to cook and spending time doing both. And if you don’t know where or how to start, message me and I will help you. If I can do it, so can you…I promise!


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