Witnessed and intervened on a beating against a woman by a thug, November 2, 2015 in College Park, Maryland.

I remember it like it was today still fresh in my mind. I was at work in my office on the phone. Several of my co-workers were looking out the window, then all of sudden one of them came in and said something bad is happening out in the parking lot. I instantly got off the phone and proceeded outside.

Have you ever seen an elbow cock back and fourth in a blow to a body part or face of a woman? Have you seen an arm of a man swing up to the face of woman, like an uppercut? Or have you seen a man not care that a stranger is pulling him off a woman while beating her?

On the scene you had your videographer, your silent and in shock bystander and everyone else just walking by. I was told that 5-7 men walked by without stopping to help her. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I approached the situation calmly, I reached into the car to speak and get the thug off the woman. He got in a few more punches before getting out of her car. The thug was huffing and puffing, wearing a wife beater(you can’t make this stuff up) he tried to convince me that what he was doing was okay, she deserved it. I am positive some video game, rap song or rap video gave him permission to do this, or perhaps a family member or friend.

After my brief discussion with him, the thug ran off.  I instantly went over to the female. Her face, her eyes and body all badly bruised and bleeding. I ran into my job to get her ice and towels to start the healing, the physical healing. We needed a private place to go, we agreed to meet inside the public bathroom at Potbelly’s. I ran back with ice and towels and realized she just saw herself for the first time bruised and battered.

I started to cry because she didn’t want to wait around for the police. A man has destroyed this woman’s face, spirit and ability to think straight. I started to reason with her to no avail. I told her that I loved her, but more importantly that God loved her too. I prayed over her and went back to work. Then I watched her get back into her car and drive away, confirming she wasn’t waiting for the police.

Do I know what happened before the beating began, no. However, I know it’s wrong to beat up a woman. I also prayed for the thug, hurt people hurt people. And truth be told God loves us all, even in our most deepest darkest moments He loves us.

I wonder from time to time what ever happened to her, I pray she is doing great things. I also hope the thug is no longer a thug and changed his ways. As a reminder to you, always be the shelter in someones life, you might be the only one who comes to their rescue.

May God have mercy on our souls.


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