The true meaning of Love.

I enjoy talking to people especially about cultivating healthy relationships with themselves and others. And more often than not, people don’t understand the true meaning of love. Webster’s Dictionary defines love 6 ways.

1. a quality or feeling of strong or constant affection for and dedication to another

2. a:  attraction based on sexual desire, the strong affection and tenderness felt by lovers

2. b:  a beloved person

3. a:  warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion

3. b: the object of attachment or devotion

4. a score of zero in tennis

Webster’s Dictionary is wrong, completely and totally wrong. Unfortunately there is no mention of God, He is the very meaning of Love. He himself created the definition and Webster doesn’t even mention Him once!? Now you can see why I made my claim about society not knowing the true meaning of love. And to be clear some truly know the true meaning of Love but those are in the minority.

John affirms that “God is love” ( 1 John 4:8 ). God does not merely love; He is love. Everything that God does flows from His love.

When we take our attention off of the definition of man’s version of Love and set our sights on God. We can truly love, love each other the way God has instructed us to love. When we truly love like God, we follow the commandments. We don’t lead others to sin, do harm or do things that will enable someone to ruin their lives. Love is wanting the absolute best for someone else.

Love is hard, we can be so selfish. Sometimes we need to be in total control of things, so much so we lose sight on the important things. We need to focus on things that are holy, right and just. Love can be scary, fear makes us do things that are not proper. Never love out of fear, that is not real or good. True love is when you can be at peace with your relationship with God.

The entertainment industry has done an amazing job of hurting us with lies. If I believed that all of us went to a movie, listened to a song or watched a television show and left the experience at the door-fantastic. However, that is not the case at all. How do I know? Life is imitating art day in and day out because of what we see, what we watch and what we listen to. Be wise and careful what you fill your mind with, even more important be diligent about what your children are watching and listening to as well.

Love is God, He wants the absolute best for us. God should be the over arching pinnacle of love in your life.He also gives us free will which enables us to show Him how much we love Him back. There is not ONE person on this earth that I want to see harmed, hurt or suffer, not one. It’s not our job as humans to hurt each other, our job is to love. Satan relishes in the hurts of everyone, how sick and sad. And what is even more sick, we give Satan permission. Make today the day you start to understand and read about God’s love, then start to live in it.

Thanks be to God’s love




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