Shirt walking towards me in TJ Maxx, oh my.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, I was so excited to be in Texas and to see a possible Virginian. I walked up to her and introduced myself. She politely introduced herself back, then I knew she was definitely from Virginia. I believe she could see the excitement on my face, so we started to talk in the middle of the store.

After she told me what part of Virginia she was raised, her family history and where she moved to after living in Virginia most of her life, things got real. “Grace” was a beautiful blonde woman in her late 70’s, great shape and had a bright light about her. Besides her pink shirt, I know her light pulled me in to strike up a conversation with her.

“Grace” began to tell me why she was in Texas, the horror story of addiction that plagues her family while living in Virginia but now her own Son’s life and his family. I listened to her intently and I immediately heard the similarity between her own Father, her Son and her Granddaughter. “Graces” son pleaded with his Mother to come visit with him to help him.

Mind you, we are standing in the middle of a TJ Maxx. And I am barely saying anything just listening and taking mental notes. “Graces” Son has called her a few times but she let the calls go to voicemail. And she is telling me more and more, more pain, more heartache, more addiction. I shake and nod my head and even hold her hand at one point.

You should know “Grace” has this amazing plan to help her family. And I couldn’t agree more with her plan. The light shines so brightly from her despite her pain and heartache, she is a Believer. God put us in each other’s path so we would talk to one another. A former resident of Virginia and Mrs. Virginia, living in Texas sees a pink(favorite color) “Virginia is for Lovers” shirt. Come on, you can’t make this stuff up.

Sometimes we aren’t suppose to talk, we just should listen. I was able to affirm and confirm a lot of things for her. “Grace” was grateful I approached her and introduced myself. And I told her I was grateful she felt safe to tell me her tragedy. She was quite surprised with herself that she was able to share such intimate details with me. I responded with,”What intimate details are you referring to, what are you talking about?” We both laughed and hugged each other good-bye.

God bless you!


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