Is a rewarding experience.

I want to help you get closer to God, besides being in right relationship with Him. Journaling is mind blowing. So let me help you get started, it’s so fun and easy. And you will see the blessing of becoming more intimate with your relationship with Him. Here are 5 easy steps from me to you.

Step 1: Purchase for yourself a beautiful or handsome journal, composition book or note book immediately, today. Pick out something you will pick up and write in every day or night. Make sure it catches your eye to remind you why you bought it.

Step 2: Find a pen or pencil that you love and enjoy to write with. Why you ask? You need a great writing instrument to record your journaling with Jesus. It needs to be comfortable and effortless, trust me.

Step 3: Pick a special place and time in your day that you are willing to dedicate to journaling for Jesus. I like to journal in the morning because it starts my day off with my thoughts on Him. Some prefer to journal before bed, try both so you can determine what is better for you.

Step 4: I like to journal for Jesus in a way that allows me to pray for everyone in my life. Family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and the world. When I think about and concentrate on each group, I tend not to forget about anyone. Easy, right!?

Step 5: Need some ideas on how to Journal for Jesus? Let me help with a few suggestions. You could write Dear God, instead of Dear Diary for starters. Why didn’t someone tell me this sooner?! Another good idea is to list the person, situation, blessing, hurt, question or prayer and be specific on how you’d like God to help you help that particular person.

Now let’s get started, aren’t you excited? I am, if you have any questions I am so ready to help you. Please don’t complicate this experience, it’s super special. Relax, have fun, get real, be meaningful and journal for Jesus.

God bless!


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