Shelter in your friends and family lives?

I recently got to experience a situation of a friend who was going through a bad time. I was able to give her good healthy advice, it felt great. She seemed to take it all in, brushed off the tears and thanked me for taking the time to speak with her. Then the worse thing happened, an unhealthy friend of her’s started to stir the pot and made the situation worse. I would call that person a “Storm”.

Lots of us have these types of negative people in our lives, I call these people “Storms.” They love to make things worse, often the misery loves company type of people. We can ignore this person all together and keep them at an arms length distance. Or we can confront them about their negative thoughts, actions and bad advice and hope they get the picture.

How do you spot a “Storm”:

  1. They love to gossip
  2. They love to be negative, glass half empty, dark side, miserable, usually unhealthy and unhappy
  3. Only listens, responds with bad, unhealthy advice vs. Helps you with good, healthy advice
  4. They hate it when you are happy
  5. Does not have your best interest at heart

How do you spot a “Shelter”:

  1. They love you
  2. They love to offer help, glass half full, solution oriented, honest, usually healthy and happy
  3. Helps you vs. just listening
  4. They love your success and desires the best for you
  5. Has the best interest at heart for you and your well-being

See, it can be simple if you pay attention or extremely difficult if you ignore the details. I pray my list helps you realize the difference. We were all born out of pure love from God, He wants the absolute best for our lives. God doesn’t want us to lead each other into temptation or sin. Instead He would rather watch us love and help each other daily.

My Mother told me that she would like me to find a great man that would be my shelter, my safe place to land after a hard day. How beautiful of a goal for me to find in a man. She said that the world can be a hard difficult place to be but the people around us should not.

Today I ask you to be the shelter for everyone around you. And if you identify with a storm, make a change today to be different, be more positive and healthy. It’s ok that today is the day you realize you don’t want to be a storm anymore. God loves us on this journey, some will get there sooner than others.

Praise to you Lord, Jesus Christ!


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