The same amount of effort to be fat/unhealthy as it does to be fit/healthy?

I know, amazing right!? How did I come to this conclusion? What in the heck am I talking about? How dare I compare the two? You have no idea what you are talking about? Are you kidding me? Huh, what, really?!  Yes, really!

The minute you wake up you makes choices all day long. When you go to the grocery store you make choices that affect you and your family eating habits. Which absolutely 100% positively or negatively affect your overall health. Wow, have you ever thought about it in those terms? I have, every time and that is why I live the way I do.

Over the summer, Griffin requested a care package with some food items I wasn’t too happy about. I went to the store and begrudgingly bought the items from his text message. I can honestly report, I was embarrassed waiting in line waiting to buy this junk. I didn’t even want to go down the isle in which these items lived. They had the entire isle dedicated to this type of junk. Our produce isles are not even this big, how sad.

Let’s be honest, Griffin is one of the most healthiest 20 year olds that I know. He has his weak moments, just like I do but they don’t rule our lives or my shopping lists. Letting yourself indulge once or twice a month is fine. However, if the reverse for you is true, more unhealthy vs. healthy items in your kitchen, that is not good. And that my friend is why it takes the same amount of effort to be healthy than it does to be unhealthy.

If you boil down the truth, it’s really all about choice. Who do you choose to be? Your best, healthy, happy, full of energy and restful version of yourself? Or do you chose to be your worst, unhealthy, unhappy, tired and sleepless nights version of yourself? I think you know which version I chose, and the good news is, so can you.

God created the human body to be cared for, He wants us to fill our mind, body and soul with things that are holy, healthy, good and right. Today clean out your entire kitchen and remove the junk. Day by day, your life and your family’s life will change for the better, I promise.

Peace be with you!





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