To an abrupt end, sad face.

The last 3 watermelons I found  this month were from Wal-mart and Costco. I juiced the entire summer with watermelon. I made videos, I shared my love of watermelon juice with strangers. It has been one of the most refreshing drinks I have ever made. It made summer delicious.

If you have the opportunity to continue to purchase watermelons before they go out of season, make sure you make some healthy watermelon juice. Especially if you primarily drink high fructose soft drinks including bottled processed juice. It’s a game changer for you and your family. And if you have children you will have so much fun making, bottling and drinking a beverage that you made together vs. buying from a store off the shelf.

I started out simple making watermelon juice. Cut up watermelon, cubed it and blended it in my Ninja. Now anyone who juices knows there is pulp associated with blending real fruit and or vegetables. You have options, shake up the pulp in the juice and drink it or strain the pulp. I like drinking the pulp.

The more comfortable I got with juicing the more adventurous I got. Now, I add fresh lemon, ginger and lime to my fresh watermelon juice, even more refreshing. I set out to find a good way to house my juice once I made it. So I went to Wal-mart and found Kerr mason jars. These mason jars work perfectly, the cost per mason jar is about 0.74 cents each. Awesome right!?

I saved the best for last, the health benefits. Over 90% of watermelon is water, super hydrating. Heart disease is a major health risk for everyone but especially women. Lycopene is an awesome antioxidant, found in watermelon. Weight loss benefits, trade this awesome drink for your usual unhealthy choice and see how lighter you become. Amino acids and anti-inflammatory properties are inside this big, beautiful melon. Wow! Your kidney will thank you for drinking watermelon juice because of it cleansing effect. The vitamin and minerals found in watermelon will make you healthier period. Last but not least, the taste of watermelon juice is so good, good for you and so beautiful to look at. Such good news right?!

God bless you!



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