I ask this question because some of you might feel like you are on a hamster wheel, a ferris wheel, wheel of fortune or maybe you feel like you are on a wheel rolling down a hill totally out of control with no breaks.

The Hamster Wheel makes me think of people who wake up everyday and go about their life in the same exact manner everyday. Unfortunately, these people don’t even realize the one track life they are on. Why!? I will help you, it’s because when they look around they see that most in their inner circle behaving the same way. Tunnel vision living is not for you.

The Ferris Wheel makes me think of another group of people that live in very high, high’s and very low, low’s. Sure you might say to yourself, isn’t that life? Well, it doesn’t have to be, more importantly it’s not healthy. We make so many different decisions everyday to make our lives good or bad. It’s safer to always strive to make good healthy decisions in order for our life to be whole and holy.

The Wheel of Fortune might remind you of a television show but that is not what I am referring to. I am talking about being on the wheel of gaining wealth, aka fortune. What good is it to gain the entire world, and lose his own soul? (Mark 8:36) You can’t only focus on money, wealth and fortune if you truly want happiness. The love of money will lead to greed, emptiness and corruption. You can’t have two Masters of any kind.

The lone Wheel rolling down the hill out of control. The people on this wheel are experiencing anxiety, addiction, despair, fear, loneliness and/or abuse. Unfortunately, these people rarely reach out for help and feel totally, completely out of control.

No matter what wheel you might be on, get off! God ultimately wants you to release yourself from the trappings of your unhealthy decisions. God sent his one and only Son to die for our sins. He didn’t say,”Go child of mine, be dysfunctional, be emotionally unstable, angry, mad or sad.” It’s the exact opposite, God wants you to love Him and His ways, not man’s. God wants the best, His best for you and me.    

                                                                via Daily Prompt: Wheel


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