That made me incredibly happy.

I started a tradition of running in The Susan B. Komen 5k Race for a Cure in Memory of Grandma Mary Miles. My Grandma was my rock and soul. I miss the way she loved me and cared for me but I also appreciated the time we had together.

My Son had grown up watching me train and run the race, he was so proud of me. In 2004, Griffin says to me at the last minute, “Mama, I am running with you.” I instantly tell Griffin,”No honey, stay with Papa and I will be done very soon.” Griffin insisted that he too wanted to race in Memory of Grandma Miles, he pleaded with me.

I gave in, and we ran the race, side by side. There were times when Griffin wanted to quit and give in because he didn’t realize the commitment he made. His heart was in a good place for a 7 year old but he never ran a 5k before. I felt so much pride and love for my role as Mother. Sometimes we are so in the “Mom Mode” teaching and correcting that we don’t realize the positive impact we make on our children until we see them do things that make us proud.

Griffin and I finished the race together, with great big smiles on our faces and tears of joy in my eyes. I told Griffin to look behind him at the finish line, to see the 1000’s of people behind him. Griffin was amazed and pretty proud of himself.

Remember that God knows our limitations and struggles but He is always supporting us no matter what. And we need to support our children for the good of God’s kingdom, no matter what. Sometimes it’s hard to teach and convince our children the trials of life. Sometimes we refuse to let God convince and teach us His plan for our life. Be open to the goodness of God, His plans are far better than our plans for ourselves.



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