Eleven years ago while on a business trip in Frisco, Texas the Lord laid on my heart that I needed to be in Texas. The request was clear as day but I couldn’t go. Well, I could have left but I know I wasn’t suppose to leave just yet. Then 10 years later while I was at home I received a phone call from my Mother stating she would be selling the home that I called home for the last 10 years after my divorce. The home that I raised my Son in, the home I started a ministry in, the home we rescued a dog in, the home that would change my life forever. Yes, that home. I told my Mother that I understand, it was fine; no worries.

Then it all started to make sense, we hired a photographer to take our Christmas picture. As the photographer was leaving he mentioned that he might be moving to Texas. My instant reply was, “Omygosh, that is where I want to live!”  In March my job ended. My Son was no longer 9 but 19 and I suddenly realized I could finally start to move to Texas, maybe!?

I prayed to God, to send me Texas signs and He did. I was at the grocery store, a man was wearing a TCU shirt. I was at bible study, the woman sitting next to me was from Texas. More and more signs would pour in over the next several weeks confirming what was always His plan for me. Then I asked and prayed to God for another favor,”God if you really want me to move to Texas, please sell my stuff.” And boy did He ever, I couldn’t sell my items fast enough, it was absolutely amazing. I was meeting 5 to 10 people a day to meet and pick up items they were purchasing from me, it was beautiful. And in the process, I got to share my story about God to almost everyone I met.


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